We are an organisation set up to promote long distance off-road routes, bringing together some of the major existing long distance off-road mountain biking routes around Europe...and discovering new epic routes. The founder, Jonathan Halstead, came up with the idea after doing his own journey around Spain in 2013 (see Around Spain) . It was very difficult to find a route, and he was greatly helped by some existing Spanish routes that were mapped on the web using satnav files (see transpirinaica and transandalus). So he thought it'd be a great idea to create a portal where some epic routes were documented for all to use. Since then Chris Sloan has come on board as co-director to develop the web site.
We have been working with IMBA and the ECF to work out how to set this up and make it work. In some ways the initiative is similar to EuroVelo, but for off-road. We are also using satnav files and un-prepared routes, so do not need all the infrastructure and local funding which EuroVelo has to develop.
We have posted up all the routes we are aware of and are now looking for riders who have a great route planned who would appreciate the support in return for mapping the route for the benefit of others. We will not sell the route satnav files - they will be free to all.