Total Terrain is here to bring together some of the major existing long distance off-road mountain biking routes around Britain...and to discover new epic routes.
Some of these are well known routes and trails ridden by the existing mountain biking community and already well documented; we aim to take them to a wider audience.
Some will be existing routes with minimal documentation; we aim to assist in bringing the routes notes up to a minimum standard, so you know whether you should take your family on them, or take your body armour.
Some will be completely new epic routes, barely dreamt about at the moment. We aim to find riders willing to log them on GPS and make write up some simple notes, again so others can understand what they are like.
Total Terrain will also seek to provide advice on local resources and services to help you along your way. Bike shops, hotels and restaurants along our routes are invited to contact us for a listing on our site and a waypoint on our GPX files.
Be aware that monutain biking is an inherantly risky sport, especially when in remote mountains. Use of the resources on this site is at your own risk.
Total Terrain

Have you ridden another route that we have missed from our lists?

If you know of a route which you think should be part of our list, let us know. Route details, GPS, photos, local information etc is all helpful in compiling the biggest network of UK wide mountain bike trails.

Do you live in an area which comes into contact with one of our routes?

Can you provide a local service to riders when passing close to your town? Would you like your business advertised so our riders know who you are? Let us know who you are and what you do and we'll see about promoting your business along our routes.

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